The Influence "A La Olivia Pope" Style Has On Gender’s Identity And Heterosexual Marriage #Scandalous

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We all know that the biggest battle between genders is based on power. Is it really possible for women to be “independent ‘A la Olivia Pope” in an heterosexual monogamic relationship or is it simply a fantasy created by Shonda Rhimes?

Who is Olivia Pope (If you do not know…OMG) 

According to Google Search, “Oliva Carolyn Pope, is a fictional character portrayed by Kerry Washington, created by Shonda Rhimes and partially based on Judy Smith for the political drama television series Scandal. [She] is a Washington D.C crisis manager who runs her own firm, Pope & Associates, that specializes in political situations. [We all know] [that] [she] [has] became a widely watched fashion and style trendsetter”. She is emotionally strong, politically and professionally powerful as well as a complicated woman.

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Women’s Attitude ‘A La Olivia Pope’

As Olivia is portrayed as the non-traditional woman such as the “good wife” she still remains a strong one, but not in a submissive way. Is that accepted nowadays? In real life, it probably became natural between women to not like the strongest one in their community. Is it because of Jealousy? Power? Why? They might realize that power does not spread around women so much. Once there is one strong woman in a work environment for instance, it looks like there could not be more than two… It is complicated and such a difficult battle that women do not tend to help themselves, especially when they have been fighting alone. If you have worked with just ladies somewhere, you might understand clearly what I am trying to say.

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Men’ Reactions to this ‘A La Olivia Pope’ belief

Some Love it publicly and privately (Hmmm)

-Some Love it only privately

-Some Love it only publicly (Am I just selling the dream?)

-Some just Don’t love it


As usual, my favourite word for every race and gender issue is ‘Ego’. Maybe men feel attacked by women in power? Is she less of a woman Gentlemen?

Olivia Pope has been portrayed as the ‘other woman’; when I started watching the show I told myself how cliché it is to have a Black woman as the president mistress. No further comments on this, I believe you understand why. All this to mention that at first, men tend to love independent women but are scared to trust them enough to marry them. They might not be their potential wives… As an independent woman, if you are in a relationship, your man might end it because he is not feeling so needed…(I really want to add LOL)

You will often hear that women can be independent in a relationship by working, but shall not look like one publicly. Is it biological? too much testosterones? ego? In relationships there must be compromises. If she is good at something, and she likes talking about it, why not try supporting her just like she does for you. Is it so complicated to just support a women’s decision. As far as I remember, people must compromise and it must not be about one trying to get what they want secretly. Finally, I believe in relationships, one must trust the other.

Have women misunderstood the ‘A La Olivia Pope’ Style or Even Olivia is not quiet sure herself?

According to law, especially in Canada, men and women are legally equal. As soon as you have 18 years and plus you are to be treated as an adult. This is what I have most likely understood from my political science classes.

Now why it seems so difficult to make your own decisions as an individual man or woman. Because, according to law, even if we are equal, we are not freely living in a society. Meaning that in between genders, some ‘values’ have been placed according to culture, however, nowadays we are trying to privately choose them. In that case, you decide what you do and what you do not do in your relationship. This is what it means to be independent ‘A La Olivia Pope’. Your decisions come from you, not the state either the opposite gender. Nevertheless, how can we make decisions without always knowing what we want? We must somehow know who we are; in a sense we are building our identity by making clear decisions. But, always remember that culture will interfere.

Looks like Shonda Rhimes is trying to amend culture, because that last episode OMG….Fitz, the president, asked the First Lady to leave the White House… OMG

In real life, being a free and public independent woman might be a fantasy. I do not want to sound too negative but some men disrespect enough women who try to portray their independence and they wish to bring them down. I guess there will always be people who disagree.

The rise of divorce since women have been in the workforce. Weird, isn’t it?

Thought that money was the issue, women were not happy before because they could not afford what they needed and depended too much on a man. As Barbara Bergmann mentioned, “women have had to seek indirect access to economic resources through their personal relations with men […] at a crucial disadvantage” (2005). Nonetheless, even with an economic emergence for women, marriage rate is decreasing…

Women’s work has been identified as taking care of their children, it was simply exempted from men to do such thing. In the workforce, men and women have specific places which give them access to high status, respect and honor. One type of work is assigned to one particular gender, however, any of them could enjoy that typical job of the other. Now women have direct access to economic resources which forces men to wonder if they would ever be needed. More women are starting to act like ‘men’, more money, more partners, more fun! We can state that getting power through money is simply the issue. In the show Scandal, we can understand that only Olivia Pope could do such a thing, she handles everything and she is very powerful.


Besides, we also tend to realize that the president of USA, the most powerful man keeps protecting her ( it is very depressing to say that it might be a fantasy because not all of us could date the president of USA). Well on the other hand, it proves that each gender needs the other, it must simply be a matter of being able to help one another and ourselves. But, should we conclude that the more independent the woman is, the more powerful the man must be? Or men could start being inspired by the traditional women role? Well a woman will always be a woman and have that nurturing side of hers. If she likes and trusts her man she will take care of him no matter what it takes.