A Few Things Gender Roles Taught Us Wrong

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We live in a society in which men are taught to give “love” to their female partner and treat them as “Princesses”; however, women are taught to “respect” their male partner. Unfortunately, we tend to forget that a man is able to completely “love” his female partner while disrespecting her, as well as for a woman to not give too much love to her male partner while just “respecting” him. Don’t get me wrong,  men can definitely “love” their female partner as much as possible while completely disrespecting them by cheating. I think it must be easy for “some” men to make plenty “girls” feel like “Princesses” at once.  Well, I have been taught that a man who really “loves” you must not have time to make other women feel like “Princess”; but…. just… well..real women seek respect, not attention.

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Moreover, when a woman gives respect to her male partner, feeds his ego and makes sure to respect his image, she tends to forget that he also needs to be loved. He needs some sweet words when he comes home, he needs to break his walls when being with his female partner, he just needs to feel like he could be himself when being around her. Men can get discouraged as well, they are human beings and showing your sweet side, especially to the one you love is not making you less of a man. Finally, real men already know their worth.


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Just the fact of learning how to treat women as  “Princesses”  and men as “Kings” is already empowering one gender. I have learned that a King attracts a Queen and a Queen keeps a King focus. You know what they say, you only get what you give!


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So if you want to be respected or/and loved, respect or/and love yourself first…just a thought.