An Amazing Journey Has Started…

Today, I want to talk about a non-profit organization I have been helping lately. It is called Brighter Haiti and it has been founded by Min Lee from Korea. I met Min through a co-worker and I would not trade this for anything in the world.  This new person I added in my circle of friends has personally changed my perception of life.

What is the Goal of the NPO ?

Brighter Haiti is raising funds to buy solar panels based technology to brighten the night of an elder village in Haiti situated in route national #3. It is a small branch of the non-profit organization called Kkottongnae whose main mission is to help the marginalised people who have been abandoned by their family.


2 years ago, one of the elders living in Kkottongnae left without a word. 5 days later, we found her dead body in one of the empty houses in the neighborhood. By chance, we were able to contact the daughter.

Being the victim of the disastrous 2010 earthquake, she was also struggling to survive with her 3 children and an unemployed husband. The daughter currently lives in this makeshift home after their home got demolished during the earthquake.

In the end, we gave her a job to do the laundry in Kkottongnae. The job consists of washing the clothes of over 250 elders by hand and the compensation amounts to approximately $100 a month.

One day, she told us that she wants to give back and donate. She was willing to donate her 1-week worth of salary to Kkottongnae. We have been living in Haiti for over 3 years now, but it is our first time seeing such act of kindness.

Being the only bread earner in the family trying to live off $100 a month cannot be easy. But through her act of generosity, we learn the true value of giving.

From this testimonial we do not only understand the true value of giving but the value of caring for others who know how to appreciate when being helped; even by just a simple gesture.

Finally, the non-profit organization is trying to raise money in order to have enough for the solar panel’s shipment. I was part of one of their fundraising event based on the following concept, Dance for a Cause with my coolest dance team ”Alma Montreal” performance  last February 23rd at the place to be every Tuesdays ”Mardi Nonez” . Brighter Haiti is thankful to all the dancers, the owners, our wonderful Haitian Dj Jean Nonez & everyone who was there and contributed.

Brighter Haiti Facebook page