Why you have never been in a Relationship after that one Bad Experience of Yours

Credits: mindlyorg

Everyone thinks people don’t give relationships a second shot after having a bad experience because they are just afraid to fail again or live another awful time. When in reality they have learned to stand alone. I am no expert but I understood that relationships fail when it is not about two people trying to make it work. Besides, when you have failed a relationship in which you were the only one to work things out, you get used to an absent partner.

Which means, you might never be able to see when someone will actually help you out or that person might just annoy you. They will have to pop your bubble so hard 😉 but carefully for you to realize their existence.  You might want to run after people who are extremely busy or have no time for you because that is what you think you deserve. I mean, that’s what makes sense for you ! You know what they say, everybody acts at the level they know, you know better you do better.

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