The Title says it all!


My social interests is a social blog in which we want to demonstrate the influence of,

  1. Social Aspects
  2. Social Ideas
  3. Social Theories
  4. Stereotypes
  5. Social Concepts

From many social industries or simply the public on our private life.

What is Our Goal?

It is to give an understanding of the society we are living in (North America originally from Canada) with diverse backgrounds while comparing to other type of societies in the world.

What Do We do NOT want to Do?

We are not trying to make or force a change in this world but simply to raise awareness about social issues and sometimes provide ideal solutions or explanations. As a sociologist, understanding is a very important aspect within society.

What Will We be doing to attract your Attention? 

First and Foremost, we will do our best !

  1. Scholarly articles will be published on different topics
  2. Short articles about events, present situations & interests that we find important to raise awareness about will be also published
  3. Your social interests will be chosen when provided and published

Would you share your Interests by becoming A Content Contributor for Us?

Since we are trying to make an impact in the sociology field, we welcome all sociology students even social sciences ones to come on board with us. Check out the volunteer page for more information!


What are Our Mantras?

  • Good Vibes Only

  • Understanding the world we live in

  • It is All About being aware of our Everyday Life 

We Thank You in Advance for your Interests in our passion !